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Close My Eyes

by Omar Offendum

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"Close My Eyes" is a reflection on immigration, fatherhood, mortality, Syria, America & Mother Nature; in loving remembrance of Abdullatif Chakaki.


Lyrics ::

Bet you thought that I'd forget
Ill admit I've often tried
Ever since the day you left
I've been feeling lost inside
Waiting here with baited breath
Patiently I recollect
One foot in the grave
Foolish step to take
Now wait a sec
I heard about it all before
Read it in the ancient texts
Messages delivered from the best of us
To save the rest of us
From grief, stress, and a weak chest
One tongue - Two eardrums
So speak less, and yes
The meek blessed
With inheriting this earth
But until then I worry for children
Who perish first
Carrying thirst
Walking miles for polluted water
Buried in turf
Lost smiles and a slew of martyrs
Is this the type of life we're meant to be living?
Where history is repeated
Tragedies we're reliving
These were the kinds of conversations
That we used to have but
Now that you're gone
I just speak to you in song

You have a knack for showing up
Soon as I close my eyelids
The world is black
But sure enough
Your luminance is shining
They say no man's an island
And to me you were a continent
Constantly reminding me
To elevate my consciousness
Back when I was growing up
You told me to keep smiling that
No matter what the obstacle
Nothing was impossible
Wisdom in your silence
A language all it's own
Find a place our children's children love
Go on & call it home
Plant roots
Watch that family tree grow to bear fruit
Can't let the pride in ye grow
Set aside your ego
In the eyes of people
We share truth
Clear through
Windows to a soul's center
Find an equal
Whom you love being alone with
To get you through that cold winter
This type of guidance you provided me was priceless
I can almost see you smiling while I write this
At night I just . . . Close My Eyes

Now I know
Grieving isn't easy
But the tears breed patience
Believing isn't easy
But the fears feed faith in that
Infinite uncertainty
Of certain situations
Recognize you're immortal
Your demise is but a portal
To surprises unpredicted
By the limits of a mind
So finite
That only in hindsight
Does it ever find
What's right in what was wrong
This is more than just a song
Sometimes your heart
Must skip a beat
So you'll appreciate it more
Now keep calm
Carry on
You want to knock on heaven's door?
Im not so sure brother
The line is very long
Since his very dawn
Mankind has never been
Enough to get along
At least not on a global scale
So please begin at home
I pray we're not a total fail but
Indeed, the good die young
Yet deep inside I know
We'll be united very soon
That's why I say
إنا لله وإنا اليه راجعون 
(To The One We Belong & To The One We All Return)

- Omar Offendum

All Rights Reserved © Cosher Ink, LLC | 2018


released December 18, 2018
Lyrics / Vocals :: Omar Offendum
Instrumental Beat :: Sandhill
Bass :: Mark Haynes
Qanun :: Sarouna
Mix :: Prof. H


all rights reserved



Omar Offendum New York, New York

Omar Offendum is a rapper / poet based in Los Angeles. Known for his unique blend of Hip-Hop & Arabic poetry, he has been featured on prominent world news outlets, lectured at a number of prestigious academic institutions, and helped raise millions of dollars for various humanitarian relief groups. Offendum was recently named a Kennedy Center Citizen Artist Fellow for 2018 / 2019. ... more

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